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Ramadan Mubarak Sehri-Ifter time, Fadilah, Dua, Quotes and SMS

Ramadan Mubarak comes once in a year and this event stays 30 days or 1 Month. Muslims Ummah falls in worship for Kiyamah of Jannat after death. When the Ramadan Mubarak comes to us we are happy and this news reached each another. Here is some saying which helps you to sent the Ramadan News […]

Dual Admission Cancellation Related Notice

The National University of Bangladesh announce for Dual Admission Cancellation Related Notice. Recently The University Authority of Bangladesh has found Dual admission. (One Student admitted in Two or More courses) Their Admission cancelation related Notice. One Student Maximum enable one course. The Notice of Dual Admission Cancellation List of Students who are under dual courses

Online birth certificate registration, correction and verification

Online Birth certificate Registration

The birth certificate is the most essential and valuable documents for a citizen. Without a birth certificate, a resident face various problems in any place or any institution. If you have not a NID of Birth certificate you will be facing most of the problems. Where need birth certificate: You have to need a birth […]

40th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solution 2019

4th BSC Preliminary Question solution 2019. The leargest of students are searching BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solution 2019. The BCS Preliminary MCQ examination has been held on 03rd May from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. The largest amount of people had participated in this test. this is the first class service of Bangladesh label. The […]