NU Degree 1st Year Result 2020 [সবার আগে]

The National University of Bangladesh will be published the Degree 1st-year results in 2020 Very soon.  Degree 1st-year examination 2020 for the examination year of 2019 has completed in December 2019 and the Degree 1st-year result will be published within 90 days.

when the Degree 1st-year Results 2020 will be published By the national uNiversity authority then you will get the reslt from here and official website of National University of Bangladesh.

National University of Bangladesh degree 1st-year results.

Result related official website of National University:

The National University Degree 1st Year Result available for Download. and you can get degree results from National University Bangladesh official website This is National University degree pass course results.  NU degree results in 2020  will be published very soon. nu degree results will be published in this website and also the official website of National University Bangladesh.

Results Download Link:

Check degree 1st-year results right now fast 


 Let’s Check Degree 1st-year result 2020

Reg: Number:
Roll Number: 
Exam Year:

Result Download


Result  Not yet published

রেজাল্টে পেতে কোন সমস্যা হলে আমাদের কমেন্ট করুন।

Results Published Related Notice 2020


 Degree 1st-year Result 2019

Results Download Link with Marksheet:


Degree 1st-year Result 2019 with Marksheet

The important timetable of Degree 1st year results 2020

Degree 1st-year results will be published on: last week of February 2020
Degree 1st-year exam result under the National University of Bangladesh will be published very soon. How to find the Degree 1st-year result via online or mobile SMS? In this website solution forgetting result fast. We have described some technique to get the result fast and easily. Check below how to get your result with marksheet fast and easily. At first, we have given the formula on how to find result via online by using a laptop computer or mobile phone. And also we have explored the system of how to find Degree 1st year result by mobile SMS fast. So let’s go and see details below.


NU Degree First-year results going to publish at Nu results website on online at 08:00 PM. and Via Mobile SMS at 02:00 PM.  Let’s Check details about Degree 1st Year Result from below:-

Degree 1st-year result chicking system online 2020

To get the east HSC result from here fill up the below steps carefully and hit submit button
1st Steps Enter your Rool Number
2nd Steps Enter your Registration Number
3rd Steps Select the passing year
4th and final steps Hit on the Submit Button

How to find NU Degree 1st Year Results 2020 via online?


NU degree 1st year results via the Internet or Online by using the website. Everybody can download their degree 1st-year examination results easily. NU Degree 2nd-year results and degree 3rd-year exam results also available on this website. now see how to check your preferred results via online please follow the instruction below. To get the Degree 1st-year result by the online using website from any device such as laptop computer and mobile phone follow the below steps to get the result with mark sheet.

at first, go to the National University official website, and then click on results then select degree results and then select degree 1st year. give registration number and passing year. fill up showing captcha and hit Submit button. See the below image for finding your Degree 1st-year result with mark sheet

Important link to download Degree 1st year result 2020 under the National University of Bangladesh.

Direct link of Degree 1st year results: and


Direct link of degree results – 2: www nu edu bd results

National University degree first-year result 2020 by mobile SMS.

Nowadays all of you students they have a mobile phone. And everyone wants to get their result and other all activities with their mobile phone. The mobile phone is part of life. So here are a ready method to get Degree 1st year result by using mobile SMS. This is a simple and easy method for getting a fast result. To get your result by mobile SMS follow the below step properly and get enjoying.

Now let follow How to get NU Degree 1st year Results by Mobile SMS? 
SMS format of NU Degree 1st Year Results in 2020
go mobile SMS option Write:
NU<Space>Deg<Space>Degree Exam Reg No & send it to 16222.


NU Deg 1353456 and send  to 16222

Have fun………….!

Degree 1st-year Results in 2020 Video guide:


if you have any problem to understand so you can see this video guide.

Degree First Year Irregular Results 2020

Those who have not been able to sit for some reason and have failed in some subjects, they will also see the results here. An irregular student can get his or her result easily like regular students. The way to get degree results is the same for regular and irregular students.

National University Degree 3 Year Grading System

Grade points will be evaluated based on the number. The number obtained in the theoretical and practical examination of a candidate will be converted into letter grade and grade point. The candidate will not be given his mathematical number. The following letter grades and resetting grade points will be in place to evaluate the results of the examinations. According to the uniform grading method given by the University Grants Commission, the mathematical numbers, letter grades and grade points will be as follows.

Numerical Grade Letter Grade(LG) Grade point(Gp)
80% or above A+ (Plus) 4.00
75% to less than 80% A (Plain) 3.75
70% to less than 75% A- (Minus) 3.50
65% to less than 70% B+ (plus) 3.25
60% to less than 65% B (Plain) 3.00
55% to less than 60% B- (Minus) 2.75
50% to less than 55% C+ (Plus) 2.50
45% to less than 50% C (Plain) 2.25
40% to less than 45% D (Plain) 2.00
<40%(less than 40%) F (Fail) 0.00

You need to get at least 40% marks to pass the degree 1st year result.

Infographics for Degree 1st year Result 2020.

Degree 1st year Results 2019 for the session of 2018

Degree 1st year Results 2020for the session of 2019

Here is an infographic for getting Degree 1st-year result with marksheet very fast.

Available at nu edu bd

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Students Review for Degree 1st year results 2020

here is some information about students reviews. so let’s see the reviews below.

degree 1st year results 2019

degree 1st year results 2020

Question and answer about degree 1st year result 2020.

Que: when published the Degree 1st year result 2020

Ans: very soon










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